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23--Attitudinal Excellence - Your Key to Enhanced Performance & Customer Service

This seminar is about "empowering" your company's customer service program. In a weak economy, it is imperative to be the very best "you" that you possibly can be ...and to "always do as much as you possibly can with each and every contact with your customers." Attitudinal Excellence means "of or relating to an attitude of excellence." We will begin the seminar with a review and explanation of how to enhance and maintain an exceptional customer relationship climate. Attitudinal excellence begins with a "choice" followed by a mindset and a commitment to accept nothing less than the absolute best from yourself and your people. The biggest reason why excellent customer service is so noticeable is because excellent customer service is usually the exception rather than the rule in today's marketplace. Attendees will discover how to provide outstanding service to the people base they serve, internally (coworkers) and externally (end-users) with one main objective --"to take their company's internal and external customer service to a new level of excellence and discover how to create an extraordinary customer relationship climate and their place of business. Some of the subjects covered in this session includes but is not limited to: (1) how to enhance and maintain an exceptional customer relationship climate by providing extraordinary customer service internally and externally, (2) how to determine their Cycle of Service, (3) the concept of Moments of Truth, (4) the CUBES method of handling grievances, (5) the tasks versus the spirit of extraordinary customer service, (6) tangible versus intangible customer service and, (7) good versus bad customer service. A major objective of this seminar is to have attendees leave with a new set of customer service concepts and tools - energized, motivated, and empowered to provide extraordinary customer service in their place of business.

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