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What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP was discovered and developed by co-founders Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the early 1970ís. The first applications were developed around the NLP concept of Modeling. The basic concept of Modeling is simple: find out what successful people do...exactly...and do it the same way they do it.

As a result of their research, Bandler and Grinder developed modeling techniques that include:

  • How we observe, understand, categorize and code the information that enters our brain;
  • How to model and duplicate the beliefs, skills, attitudes and behaviors of people; and
  • A set of effective ideologies, information, methods, and principles...and a strategy for their effective use.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study and coding of subjective human experience that results in your self-programming. It is also acquiring the ability to duplicate and model the excellence of others. The study and systematic use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming will enable you to more consistently achieve the results, changes, and goals that you want in your personal and professional lives.

NLP is a study of both the conscious and subconscious processes of your mind that combine to enable you to do what you want to do with your life. This information is particularly valuable if you are the type of person who has set goals in the past and never followed through. You may have wanted to succeed but something always seemed to get in the way and for some reason you just never achieved the success you wanted. The good news is this type of scenario has probably happened to 80% of the people I have assisted -- so you are not alone. The best news is many of the people I worked with incorporated these NLP techniques and began accomplishing their goals for the first time in their lives.

NLP is a powerful collection of concepts, beliefs, and techniques that instructs you in the most effective use of your mind and body and enables you to achieve excellence in learning, business, counseling, relationships, sports and life.

If you break down the word Neuro-Linguistic Programming it will make more sense to you.

Neuro = represents your neurological system. It is the way you use your senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell to translate your life experiences into conscious and unconscious thought processes. It is how you process all of the information you take into your brain and how it becomes part of your programming. The neuro part of NLP describes how your physiological and neurological systems operate and how to manage them.

Linguistic = words. For our purposes, the term linguistics actually means word processing. It translates how your mind interprets the words that enter your brain and become part of your psychological make-up. It is how you code what others say to you and what you say to yourself -- what you accept as true and ultimately becomes part of your internal belief system. Linguistics is a study of how all these words directly affect your neurology and result in your internal programming.

Simply put:           Neuro + Linguistics = Your Programming

Programming = Is the actual coding of subjective experience that is a direct result of all the information you have taken in through your senses (neuro) plus all the words that others say to you and you say to yourself (linguistics) -- that has become a part of your belief system and formed your programming. Programming is a sequence of behavior and thinking patterns that result in the way you systematically and habitually react to situations and experiences.

To sum it all up: NLP is the difference that makes the difference in human interaction, which includes the areas of: communication, motivation, sales, negotiation, leadership, empowerment, self-development, customer service, and goal setting. NLP enables you to precisely duplicate or model complex mental and emotional states and skills of experts in the business world. It also gives you a strategic method of discovering and mapping how you relate, behave, decide, think, and feel and can be used for organizational, professional, and personal development.

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