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How We Do It?

Typical scenario, varies slightly depending on whether the training is one-on-one coaching or a company seminar.

Step One: Initial Interview (free initial consultation)

We conduct an initial consultation to determine exactly what you want to accomplish either personally or as a company. During this interview we:

  • Establish clear, concise goals and objectives to be reached by the requested training
  • Once objectives are reached, decide what training is actually needed and determine whether our available training programs will help you reach your objectives
  • If the training is one-on-one coaching, we determine whether it would be mutually beneficial for us to do business together (do we have chemistry?)
  • Decide on the particulars of the training: date, time, place, and length
  • If necessary (for company training), set up interviews with key personnel to get a more complete picture of the training that is needed
  • Establish a tentative date for the seminar or initial one-on-one coaching
Step Two: Proposal and Training Outline

I will develop and send you a proposal including:

  • Recommended training subjects
  • Proposed training agenda and outline
  • Pricing information (scope of required training will be used to determine cost)
  • Tentative date, time, and location of the training
Step Three: Interviews with Key Personnel (if necessary)

If the proposal is accepted and it is determined that I should interview key personnel (for company training):

  • Schedule interviews with your key personnel
  • Brief management on results of the interview
  • Make changes to the agenda and training outline as needed to customize the training to your expected outcomes
  • Identify your internal resources to determine where we can best assist you with our training or reduce costs (copying, assembly of materials, etc.)
Step Four: Development
  • Develop the seminar-training manual (for company seminar)
  • Develop one-on-one training program (coaching application)
  • Develop handouts for participants
  • Solidify the actual date for the seminar (for company seminar)
  • Select the date one-on-one training will begin (coaching application)
Step Five: Conduct the Seminar/One-on-One Training
  • For businesses -- conduct a seminar.
  • For individuals -- one-on-one training

Step Six: Out brief Key Personnel (if requested)

Step Seven: One-on-One Coaching (following business seminar)

  • Conduct supplemental one-on-one coaching with seminar attendees, if desired by key personnel

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