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Bob LaBrie, Business Evolution

About Us

The seeds for this company were sown more than 32 years ago when I read the very first self-help book I ever purchased, Success, through a Positive Mental Attitude by Napoleon Hill. That was over 1,400 books and 1,300 audiotapes/CDs ago.

NLP is cutting edge technology that has manifested itself in a broad spectrum of business areas from management and sales to communications and improving your personal and business relationships (see "What is NLP?").

As the owner of Maximum Potential, my ultimate goal is to have seminar attendees learn how to incorporate NLP techniques and strategies into their lives. I want to help them achieve their ultimate goals and maximum potential in personal development and professional growth.

In other words, I am dedicated to using NLP technology to bring out the very best in you and your company. I am also committed to providing you the most up to date NLP training I possibly can to maximize your personal performance. The training is customized and delivered in a comprehensive, accelerated format that teaches first-class business and personal applications tailored to each person, situation, and company involved. We also provide supplemental one-on-one coaching.

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