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""Bob LaBrie is one of the most dynamic presenters in the industry. His sessions are fast-paced, highly interactive and informative. Our conference attendees gave him the highest ratings for content and style.""
Alan Rosenspan
President, New England Direct Marketing Association
"Bob LaBrie is a superb NCO with top potential. His dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work have given excellent results during Staff Assistance Training Visits to squadron advertising & promotion branches"
John J. Salvadore
Brig. General, USAF
"Bob is a multi-talented individual who will be a great benefit wherever he works. When he works for you – he works for you."
Bob Gilbert
Executive Vice President, Flagship Communications
"Bob LaBrie revitalized our Advertising & Promotion Management Workshops. Critique comments like “an outstanding instructor”, “best workshop I’ve attended in my Air Force career”, and “a real pro” are common"
Patrick R. Connell
GM-13, DAF, USAF Recruiting Service
"Bob LaBrie is an outstanding performer, enthusiastic motivator, superior communicator, and model senior NCO."
Angela W. Goral
GS-12, USAF Recruiting Service
"Bob LaBrie is consistently rated as one of the most outstanding instructors in every school and course he teaches."
Charles G. Tucker
Colonel, USAF, Recruiting Service
"Bob LaBrie heightened morale, helped give our people and our company direction, and increased our profitability"
Gregg Sullivan
CEO, Flagship Communications

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