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020--Strategic Client Relationship Management

Client Relationship Management is one of the most important aspects of the staffing industry. The purpose of any business is to locate, attract, persuade, coach, market to, and retain customers and clients. Your abilities in these areas are critical to your success in the staffing industry.

This full-day seminar begins by defining Client Relationship Management (CRM) and it's overall relationship to customer service theory and application.

We then teach advance rapport building skills using Neuro-Linguistic Programming followed by training in four basic personality types. For instance, you will learn how to handle a Take-charge type of personality who communicates primarily visually.

The next training module covers "Nine Rules for Effective Communication" that can be applied to every step of the staffing process.

We follow the training in communication skills with instruction in "Strategic" Persuasion techniques. You will learn "Ten Key Points of Selling" that makes it easier to get a person to accept your opinion, idea, point of view, belief, service or product.

The last hour is devoted to training in Planning and Time-Management.

The objective of this seminar is to enhance attendees overall staffing communication skills and increase their performance effectiveness.

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