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013--Personality Training / People Skills

There are many types of personality tests that are available, most of which are quite complex. I discovered it is more effective to cover only four main personality types. They are simple to learn and easy to identify. Participants will learn whether they are a Take-Charge type, an Easygoing type, a Conversationalist, or a Rational type of personality and what that means to their co-worker, supervisor or partner. I then cover the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of each type of personality. We follow the personality training with information about people skills. Participants will discover which people skills are most important and how to use them to positively affect other people’s behavior.

Note: If this course is combined with NLP (see Introduction to NLP seminar # 001) training on how a person communicates visually, auditorily, or kinesthetically, attendees will develop an almost magnetic personality. Your rapport building skills will increase exponentially.

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