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007--Relationship Enrichment Course (improve your personal and business relationships)

This is a full-day seminar consisting of six training modules. The objectives of this seminar are:

  • Be able to communicate more freely and effectively in your relationships
  • Understand the different stages of a relationship
  • Learn the basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (communication and rapport building concepts) and how to apply these principles to improve your relationships
  • Learn relationship building communication skills
  • Learn four major personality types and their characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Discover some general differences between how men and women typically react to different situations
  • Have participants complete a study of themselves and their respective or prospective partner to discover more about each other
  • Learn several relationship enhancement techniques and their application
The seminar is designed to first generically discuss how we typically communicate. Then we will slowly but surely peel away the similarities and differences between you and your partner so that you leave the seminar with a whole new understanding and appreciation of each other. We begin by identifying the stages of a relationship and what typically happens to a relationship over time. We follow this with an introductory course in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (see description of NLP training). This block of training will give participants a basic understanding of how their brain works (and why it sometimes doesn’t) in their relationship. They will learn whether they communicate visually, auditorily or kinesthetically and the characteristics of each.

We then determine the personality types of attendees and their partners and cover the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of each type. By this time attendees begin to see their partner, as they never have before and start to understand why they react the way they do in different situations. We then teach some very effective communication skills that will enable attendees to be better listeners and relate more intimately with their partner.

The next block peels away one more layer and discusses gender differences. It answers many questions about why men and women react differently to different situations. We follow this training with questionnaires that help determine you and your partner’s specific needs, wants, and desires. The last block is a collection of the most effective relationship principles, ideas, and techniques we have discovered in working with people and couples.

Relationship Seminar Agenda

  • Stages of a Relationship
  • Basics of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • People skills / Personality types
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Gender Differences
  • Getting to Know Your Partner Better
  • Relationship Enhancement Techniques

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