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004--Customer Service (theory and application)

For an individual to be able to deliver exceptional customer service, they must acquire a fundamental knowledge of customer service theory and concepts. My philosophy for delivering excellent customer service centers around the principle that a person can do as much as possible for their customers or as little as they can get away with. Unfortunately there are too many people doing as little as they can get away with. This seminar gives attendees an overview of the concept of providing outstanding customer service, along with a study of customer service theory and application. The training is different than the usual how to deliver good customer service type of training. I teach why providing excellent customer service is imperative beginning with the very first customer contact, because if you don’t -- you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. I discovered that if a person knows why something is important, they are more open to learning how to do it more efficiently. This course is usually very well received because it is not the typical customer service training course.

The information covered is critical for anyone who has any contact with customers in any capacity.

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