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025--The Psychology of Selling - How to Get People to Buy Without Selling

How to get people to buy withour selling? Is that really possible? To help answer that question, think of the businesses where you felt so good after purchasing their product or service that you could not wait to tell other people about it and...you actually looked forward to your next visit to that place of business. What did they do to make you want to go back? Did they ask good questions, and more importantly, did they listen to your answers? Were they able to demonstrate how their product met your needs? Did you feel a "connection" with them? Chances are at least one, if not all of these parameters were met. This seminar is not just about selling? It is about (1) effectively communicating with your customer, (2) being competent and, (3) the ability to establish rapport seamlessly; with the objective - to enable you to connect with your customer in such a way that they want to "own" your product instead of you having to "sell" it to them. We will begin with the premise that "we all sell all the time." Anytime you have presuaded to to do something they were not thinking about doing before you got involved - you sold them! Attendees will discover why knowing their sales presentation and product intimately, creates instant credibility and enhances their ability to buy from them. I will introduce a 6 Step Sales Presentation that works with "any" sales process. Seminar participants will discover that the secret of becoming more persuasive is not by telling, it's by asking? If a person is telling (talking too much) they are not selling - they are clerking. Attendees will learn how to turn any sentecne into a questions and how to use "conversational leading" to keep their presentation on track. Seminar participants will learn three Communication Styles that will enable them to discern which style their customer prefer to use. They will then discover how to match and mirror their customers language and communication style to create almost "instant" rapport. I will wrap-up by teaching Eight Essential People Skills for Sales Reps. Participants will discover which skills are most important when establishing rapport. Typical sales training generally focus on systems and processes, with less emphasis on rapport building and persuasion skills. Unfortunately, you can have the very best systems and processes in the world...but...if you can't connect with your customer - you lose (and so does your business). However, when you combine (1) an effective sales presentation, (2) product and sales knowledge, (3) how to discern and use Communication Styles, and rapport building skills - you have a "winning" combination. The concepts, principles, and techniques learned during this seminar will enhance each attendee's sales presentation, so that their customer will feel like the sales rep is "helping them to own their product or service versus being sold" - which is a paradigm shift in the way typical sales presentations are delivered.

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