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024--"Intentionality - A Vital Component for Delivering Extraordinary Customer Service

If you're going to deliver extraordinary customer service, and going to have to do it intentionally -you're going to have to do it on-purpose. Recent studies have revealed that 79% of the companies in America delivered average customer service at best and 41% of those companies delivered unacceptable or below average customer service. That means that you'll receive good customer service 1/5 of the time and extraordinary customer service 3% of the time. The secret - companies that deliver extraordinary customer service "intentionally" think about it all the time. They intentionally make decisions and improvements every single day that positively impact's and enhances their customer service environment. Familiarity breeds contempt! The longer you've been at your job, the greater the propensity for you to treat your internal and external customers with indifference. Statistically, one person, improperly placed within your company, with an attitude of indifference, could cause your company to is 68% of its customer base.

Attendees will discover how to continually -- think about and then change the way they do business in terms of providing extraordinary customer service. They will discover the effect that negative "employee engagement" has on the external customer; the platinum rule of customer service; how to set your company apart from the rest of the pack; how to create loyal customers that will return to you versus go to your competition; a customer service doctrine can be incorporated immediately and have a powerful effect on both internal and external customer service; the power of interpersonal customer service; how to discern both positive and negative customer service Moments of Truth, and how to determine and correct the "weak link" in their chain of customer service.

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