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22--Prospecting - Your Key To Sales Success

When I ask most sales people what they "really" get paid to do, I get all kinds of answers, but I very seldom hear prospecting. One of the most important sales functions you must learn to become a successful sales person is prospecting.

You can have the best presentation in the world, develop the best product in the world, provide the most competitive pricing in the world and be the best closer in the world, but if you have no one to tell your story to - you are unemployed!

However, if you only have a fair presentation, an average product and are a mediocre closer, you can still beat a better salesperson by talking to more people.

This seminar is about prospecting. Some of the areas taught during this seminar are: (1) the concept of prospecting, (2) developing a prospecting mindset, (3) the prospecting pipeline, (4) how to overcome "approach reluctance," (5) developing a prospecting plan of action, (6) tracking your prospecting efforts, (6) methods of prospecting, (7) how to network, (8) forming business alliances, and (9)developing contacts.

Seminar attendees will leave this seminar with a new sense of urgency about prospecting. They will understand the power effective prospecting has to enhance their sales success.

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