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016--Telephone Sales Training / Telephone Etiquette

This seminar can be designed and customized for telemarketing, customer service representatives (CSR’s), or telephone training for receptionist. Many companies now require their customer service representatives to do some suggestive selling while assisting customers. If that is the case, I begin this session with the concept of “Strategic Persuasion” mentioned earlier (see Strategic Persuasion seminar # 002). We then apply effective telemarketing techniques. If your company doesn’t require your customer service representatives to do any selling, we eliminate the training in Strategic Persuasion and all other sales training and focus strictly on telephone etiquette for customer service representatives or receptionist. Here is a sample of possible areas of instruction:

Telemarketing Training

  • How to overcome telephobia -- fear of the telephone (telemarketing)
  • Strategic Persuasion – basic sales (telemarketing)
  • Advanced Sales (telemarketing)
  • The five fears associated to telephone sales (telemarketing)
  • How to motivate yourself to dial the phone (telemarketing)
Customer Service Representative (CSR) Telephone Etiquette Training
  • Basic telephone skills (CSR’s & receptionist)
  • Telephone etiquette (CSR’s & receptionist)
  • How to answer the phone effectively (CSR’s & receptionist)
  • How to professionally put someone on hold (CSR’s & receptionist)
  • How to properly transfer a call (CSR’s & receptionist)
  • Conflict resolution using the CUBES technique (CSR’s & receptionist)
Possible Telephone Training for both Telemarketing and Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s)
  • Irritating telephone behavior to avoid (CSR’s, receptionist, telemarketing)
  • How to take a message (CSR’s, receptionist, telemarketing)
  • Training involving voice inflection and intonation (CSR’s, receptionist, telemarketing)
  • Strategic Persuasion – basic sales (if CSR’s are required to do suggestive selling)
Note: All training is selected, tailored, and customized to the needs of the company and section involved.

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