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I believe that the only true motivation is self-motivation or internal motivation. Most companies spend an inordinate amount of money on external motivation like: money, bonuses, trips, and days off to motivate their employees to higher performance. There are a couple of problems with external motivation: (1) when the stimulus is gone, the motivation is gone, and (2) companies have to give more and more or higher and higher amounts of money to get greater performance. At some point the end doesn’t justify the means. This seminar is designed to teach attendees the difference between internal and external motivation. I cover the most effective techniques and principles that I have learned to enable them to develop internal or self-motivation. I combine this block with the NLP block because they work hand-in-hand. NLP teaches them how to apply the techniques and why they are effective. Once again, personal and business applications are presented throughout this block of training.

This training module is particularly useful for individuals who desire to motivate themselves without the use of external stimulus. It is also for companies who want their employees, sales personnel, and customer service representatives to become more self-motivated.

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