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012--Goal Setting and Goal Achievement

I believe it is important to explain why setting goals is absolutely critical to the achievement of any expected outcome. I begin the training by explaining how the conscious and subconscious minds work together for the achievement of established goals. I discovered that attendees must understand two important points to be able to set and achieve goals effectively: (1) their subconscious mind works like a goal-oriented guided missle and (2) it continually strives to hit whatever target they give it. Once attendees learn this information and understand the concept, they are more apt to go through the process of establishing goals and a plan for their achievement. An example of this premise is trying to remember someone’s name that you have forgotten. You consciously stopped trying to remember the name …then …all of a sudden the name pops into your mind. Your subconscious never stopped searching your memory banks for the person’s name. Your subconscious mind works on established goals in exactly the same way. Attendees will also learn:

  • The importance of writing down all your goals
  • How to create a plan for their attainment
  • How to breakdown major projects into smaller, more easily attainable goals
  • The importance of setting a deadline for each step and an ultimate deadline for the entire project
  • Developing a measuring device to track their progress.

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