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011-- Leadership In Today’s Environment

Managers manage things and leaders lead people…is the basic premise of this seminar. The size of a company typically determines how much of a leadership role a manager must assume. Generally speaking, the larger the company, the less a leadership role a manager has to play. In a smaller company, the manager may have to be a leader, trainer, manager and coach all rolled into one. The problem is: when people switch from a large company to a small company or vice versa, they usually bring with them old work habits, management styles, and leadership patterns. During this seminar these issues are drawn out, discussed and dissected. I also cover the difference between formal and informal leadership and earned versus assigned leadership and their effect on a team, an organization, and a company.

This course is good for anyone in a leadership position, just promoted to a higher position, or wanting to assume more of a leadership role within a company.

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